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Awareness and Utilisation of Health Insurance Services by the Families Residing at Urban Field Practice Area of a Medical Col-lege in Bangalore,2015;6(1):69-72

Author:Chethana Ramegowda, Anwith H Shivalingaiah

Keywords:Health Insurance, Vajpayee Arogyashree, Utilisation, Community based Health Insurance

Type:Original Article

Old Age Homes: Reasons for Admission and the Assessment of Health-Related Quality of Life of Inmates,2015;6(1):73 - 77

Author:Sanjay Dixit, S.B.Bansal, Sonal Banzal, Roshini Saleem Raja, Shivani Dua, Rudri Agrawal

Keywords:Geriatrics, Health-Related Quali-ty of Life, Old age homes

Type:Original Article

Internet Access and Utilization among Medical Undergraduate and Post Graduate Students of a Medical College in Madhya Pradesh,2015;6(1):78 - 81

Author:Neeraj Chhari, Swarupa Chakole

Keywords:Medical students, health, Internet, Knowledge, Utilization, Access, Purpose

Type:Original Article

Correlation of Waist Hip Ratio and BMI with Hypertension and Diabetes Mellitus in an Urban Area of Bangalore City,2015;6(1):82 - 85

Author:Savita S Patil, Dinesh R Rajaram, Nandakumar BS, Jayasree S Seeri

Keywords:Diabetics, Hypertensives, Waist hip ratio, BMI

Type:Original Article

Determinants of Unmet Need for Family Planning In a Developing Country: An Observational Cross Sectional Study,2015;6(1):86 - 91

Author:Saima Nazir, Anshu Mittal, Bhupinder K Anand, RKD Goel, Jagjeet Singh, Arshad Rashid

Keywords:Unmet Need; Family Planning; Contraceptive; Population; Methods; Usage

Type:Original Article

Nutritional Status Assessment using WHO z-scores (BMI for Age) in Children Aged 6-15 years – A Study from Central India,2015;6(1):92 - 97

Author:Manmohan Gupta, Amod Borle, Neeraj Chhari, Sanjay Gupta

Keywords:Malnutrition, Z-scores, BMI for age, 6-15 years

Type:Original Article

Injection Safety and Practices following Needle Stick Injuries An Occupational Risk to Health Care Providers In Gujarat,2015;6(1):98 - 102

Author:Harsh D Shah, Bonny H Shah, Hiren R Solanki, Vijay R Agarwal, Priyank A Parmar , Kiran M Narkhede

Keywords:Needle stick injuries, Occupational risk, Health Care Worker

Type:Original Article