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Knowledge, Attitude and Practice Regarding Swine Flu (H1N1) among People Accompanying Patients of a Tertiary Health Care Centre, Bhuj,2018;9(1):1-4

Author:Niraj Bharadva, Shreyash Mehta, Pravin Yerpude, Keerti Jogdand, Kartik Trivedi

Keywords:Swine flu(H1N1), Knowledge, Attitude, Practice, Bhuj

Type:Original Article

Frequency and Indication of Emergency Caesarean Section in a Tertiary Care Hospital in Kolkata: Analysis of Secondary Data,2018;9(1):5-9

Author:Sreetama Chakrabarti

Keywords:Caesarean section, direct admission, indication, referral, tertiary hospital

Type:Original Article

Prevalence and Demographic Determinants of Anaemia and Its Correlation with Blood Group among Medical and Paramedical Students,2018;9(1):10-14

Author:Ajay Kumar Agarwal, Ghansyam Das Katiyar, Kashmir Singh, Syed Esam Mahmood, Swati Khan, Mahendra Sharma

Keywords:Anaemia, haemoglobin, blood group, medical and paramedical students

Type:Original Article

Frontline Health Workers Knowledge and Preparedness on Novel Influenza H1N1 from Western India,2018;9(1):15-18

Author:Chandresh M Pandya, Paragkumar D Chavda, Dipak M Solanki, Kedar G Mehta

Keywords:Novel influenza H1H1, Frontline health workers, ASHA, Anganwadi worker, India

Type:Original Article

Parental perception of childhood vaccination through focused group discussion approach amongst women in Karnataka, India,2018;9(1):19-24

Author:Sharankumar Holyachi, Prakash R Kengnal, Ashok Kumar

Keywords:Focus group discussions, Vaccination, Perception

Type:Original Article

Health Profile of Elderly Persons in Urban and Rural Field Practice Areas of Medical College Himmatnagar, Gujarat,2018;9(1):25-28

Author:Kavita Banker, Bipin J Prajapati, Jignesh Chauhan

Keywords:Elderly, Morbidity, Social and health problems, Literacy

Type:Original Article

A Study on Prevalence and Factors Associated With Obesity among Adolescents in Shivamogga City – A Cross Sectional Study,2018;9(1):29-32

Author:Rajashree Kotabal, Nandini Chilgod, Mangala N Belur, Kanchana Nagendra

Keywords:Obesity, non-communicable diseases, school children

Type:Original Article