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Knowledge Attitude and Practices among Self Medication Users in a Rural Area of Bhopal,2016;7(10):825-828

Author:Umesh Sinha, Garima Namdev

Keywords:Awareness, Attitude, Self medication, Over the counter drugs

Type:Original Article

A Study to Assess the Obesity and Its Determinants among School Going Adolescents in Hyderabad,2016;7(10):829-833

Author:Riyaz Shaik Shaik, Sultan Rizwan Ahmad, Chandrasekhar Addepalli

Keywords:Adolescent, Junk food, Life style, Obesity, School children

Type:Original Article

Opportunistic Screening amongst 30 Years and Above with Glucometer to Detect High Risk Individuals for Developing Type II Diabetes Mellitus,2016;7(10):834-837

Author:Vijay K Domple, Rujuta S Hadaye, Satish K Wadde

Keywords:Opportunistic screening, Random Blood Sugar, Glucometer, High Risk, Type 2 diabetes Mellitus

Type:Original Article

Assessment of Nutritional Status (with WHO Reference Standards) and Health Status among Rural Primary School Children of Anand District, Gujarat,2016;7(10):838-841

Author:Donald S Christian, Sidhyartha Mukherjee

Keywords:Nutritional status, rural primary school children, BMI for age, height for age, Anand District, WHO reference standards

Type:Original Article

Knowledge of Diabetic Foot Ulcer Care and Its Correlates among Patients Visiting a Tertiary Care Hospital in Moradabad, India,2016;7(10):842-847

Author:Samreen Khan, Khushboo Juneja Anurag Srivastava, , Reena Rani

Keywords:care practices, Diabetic foot, knowledge, safe footwear, ulcer grade

Type:Original Article