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Assessment of Vitamin B12 Deficiency and Associated Factors in Patients Attending Tertiary Care Hospital of Southern Rajasthan,2018;9(10):740-744

Author:Poornima Sharma, Keerti Singh, Rekha Bhatnagar, Rohit Jain

Keywords:: Serum Vitamin B12, subclinical deficiency, neurological deficits, Dietary habits

Type:Original Article

A Cross Sectional Study on Vaccination Coverage of Children in the Urban Slums of Bangalore,2018;9(10):745-750

Author:Manuja LM, Viswanatha PG, Veena NH, Ranganath TS

Keywords:Vaccination coverage, Partial immunization, children, urban slum

Type:Original Article

Susceptibility to Rubella among College Students,2018;9(10):751-754

Author:Vikas Yadav, Sunil Kumar, Renu Yadav

Keywords:Rubella, Susceptibility, Vaccination

Type:Original Article

Diabetes Foot Ulcer Risk - A Public Health Concern in Rural Pondicherry!!,2018;9(10):755-759

Author:Bijaya N Naik, Manikandan Srinivasan, Mahendra M Reddy, Srikanta Kanungo, Sonali Sarkar, Sitanshu S Kar

Keywords:diabetes, diabetes foot ulcer risk, rural health care

Type:Original Article

Prevalence of Domestic Accidents in Kitchen among Housewives in an Urban Area: A Cross Sectional Study,2018;9(10):760-763

Author:Soumyashree M N, Viveki R G, Ashwini L Chingale

Keywords:Domestic accident, Housewives, Kitchen, safety measures

Type:Original Article

A Study on Knowledge and Use of Emergency Contraceptive Pills among Female Sex Workers of Ahmedabad,2018;9(10):764-768

Author:Rachna Kapoor, Mayank Patel, Himanshu Nayak

Keywords:Emergency contraception, Emergency contraceptive pills (ECPs), female sex workers (FSWs), unintended pregnancy, unsafe abortion

Type:Original Article

Effectiveness of Empowering School Teachers to Screen Refractive Errors in School Going Children in the Rural Area of Vadodara, Gujarat,2018;9(10):769-772

Author:Divyangkumar N Patel, Manish M Kathad, Pujani Jay, Anshi Rathod, Arpit Rawal, Jay Rathod

Keywords:Refractive error, School Teachers, Snellen’s Chart, School health program

Type:Original Article