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A Study of Vaccine Hesitancy among Mother & Care Provider During MR Vaccine Campaign,2019;10(11):605-611

Author:Agarwal Anil K, Sengar Aditi , Gupta Preeti, Gupta Rajesh

Keywords:Vaccine hesitancy, MR vaccination campaign, attitude, urban area

Type:Original Article

An Epidemiological Study on Obesity and Its Determinants among Urban Slum Women of Rajkot City, Gujarat,2019;10(11):612-616

Author:Ruchita T Lunagariya, Umed V Patel

Keywords:Obesity, Slum, Women

Type:Original Article

A Study on Healthcare Delivery Acceptability through Mobile Phone among Rural Population,2019;10(11):617-623

Author:Ashwini L H, Balu P S, Sandhyarani Javalkar

Keywords:Mobile phones, Rural Population, Health care.

Type:Original Article

Depression and cognitive impairment among the elderly in rural and urban areas of Shimoga.,2019;10(11):624-628

Author:Nandini C, Sridevi N H

Keywords:elderly, depression, cognitive im-pairment, MMSE

Type:Original Article