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Premenstrual Syndrome among Female Students of Colleges in Ujjain City, Madhya Pradesh,2016;7(11):878-881

Author:Deepika Badkur, Arun Wanjpe, Suchita Singh, Dharmpal Singh Chouhan, Abhinav Sinha

Keywords:Premenstrual syndrome, premenstrual symptoms, College student

Type:Original Article

Perception of Importance of Physical Activity and Factors for Noncompliance to Physical Activity among Adult Type 2 Diabetic Patients,2016;7(11):882-886

Author:Arshiya Taranum, Pavan Kalasker

Keywords:Non Compliance, Barriers, Physical activity, Perception, Type 2 Diabetes mellitus

Type:Original Article

Assessment of Swacchta Guidelines Implementation at Government District Teaching Hospital, Madikeri, Kodagu District, Karnataka State using KAYAKALP Assessment Tool,2016;7(11):887-889

Author:Shivaraj B Mallappa, Parvathy T Somaiah

Keywords:Kayakalp, Public Health facilities, Swaccha Bharath

Type:Original Article

Study to Assess the Maternal Factors Influencing Undernutrition among 3 to 6 Year Old Children of Davangere City,2016;7(11):890-893

Author:Ranjitha A, Navinkumar Angadi, DK Mahabalaraju

Keywords:Malnutrition, Undernutrition

Type:Original Article

Initial Days of Revised Basic Course Workshop in Medical Education in India: An End-training Analysis,2016;7(11):894-900

Author:Urvish K Joshi, Sheetal Vyas

Keywords:Medical education technology, revised basic course, perceptions, feedback

Type:Original Article

A Study on Socio-Economic Profile of Working Women Members of Self Help Groups of a Urban Slum, Davangere, Karnataka,2016;7(11):901-903

Author:Ranjitha A, Vidya GS

Keywords:Self help groups, Working women, Social class, Income

Type:Original Article