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Prevalence of Vitamin D Deficiency and Its Associated Disorders at a Tertiary Care Hospital of The Al Qassim Region of Saudi Arabia,2017;8(11):654-657

Author:Mohammad Jawaid Arif, Sanjay Kumar Gupta, Fahd Al Khalifah

Keywords:Vitamin D deficiency, Hospitalized patient, Associated Symptom, Associated Diseases, BMI

Type:Original Article

A Cross Sectional Study on Factors Influencing Utilization of Antenatal Health Services in Bhojipura Block, District Bareilly,2017;8(11):658-665

Author:Sumit Saxena, Atul Kumar Singh, Sonam Maheshwari, Shyam Bihari Gupta

Keywords:Antenatal care, RDW, Utilization

Type:Original Article

Prevalence of Depression, Anxiety and Stress among Students of Punjab University, Chandigarh,2017;8(11):666-671

Author:Manjot Singh, Naveen Krishan Goel, Manoj Kumar Sharma, Ravleen Kaur Bakshi

Keywords:University students, depression, anxiety, stress, Chandigarh, India

Type:Original Article

Prevalence and Determinants of Obesity among Elderly in an Urban Area of Bengaluru,2017;8(11):672-677

Author:Sanjay TV, Arun Kumar DP, Madhusudan M

Keywords:Elderly, generalized obesity, central obesity, prevalence, urban area, Bengaluru

Type:Original Article

Opinion of Reproductive Mothers on Gender Issues: A Cross Sectional Study in Sub-Urban West Bengal,2017;8(11):678-683

Author:Gandhari Basu, Subikas Biswas, Suman Kumar Roy

Keywords:Gender preference, Reproductive, Contraceptive, Opinion, Health care seeking

Type:Original Article

Coverage Evaluation and Compliance of Mass Drug Administration Campaign in Nanded District of Maharashtra,2017;8(11):684-687

Author:Nazia Aram M Khan, Prakash L Gattani, Ismail A Inamdar, Vijay K Domple, Madhukar B Nina

Keywords:Mass drug administration, Lymphatic filariasis, coverage, compliance

Type:Original Article

Nomophobia: A Study to Evaluate Mobile Phone Dependence and Impact of Cell Phone on Health,2017;8(11):688-693

Author:Ashwini S Dongre, Ismail F Inamdar, Prakash L Gattani

Keywords:Nomophobia, Ringxiety, mobile user

Type:Original Article