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Factors Associated with Refractive Errors among Schoolchildren in Rural Field Practice Area of a Tertiary Care Hospital, Bangalore,2018;9(11):824-829

Author:Usha S, Vidusha S S Karavadi, Damayanthi M N

Keywords:Refractive Errors, School children, Myopia, Family history

Type:Original Article

Distribution of Disabled Persons in World’s Most Populous State,2018;9(11):830-835

Author:Vaishali K Shrote, Kishor P Brahmapurkar

Keywords:Disabled persons, Censuses, Hearing, Intellectual Disability, Movement

Type:Original Article

Smokeless Tobacco (SLT) Use in Delhi after Three Years of Ban on Gutka and One Year on All SLT Products,2018;9(11):783-786

Author:Gaurav Kumar, Pradeep Kumar

Keywords:Tobacco control, smokeless tobacco ban, epidemiology of SLT use, smokeless tobacco control policy outcome

Type:Original Article