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Socio-Demographic Profile, Treatment Outcome & Factors Influencing Outcome among Tuberculosis Cases Treated On Daily Regimen: A Cross-Sectional Study at District Tuberculosis Centre, Uttarakannada,2019;10(12):629-633

Author:Girish HO, Megana D

Keywords:Tuberculosis, treatment outcome, Fixed Dose Combination, treatment success rate.

Type:Original Article

Study of Sociodemographic Factors Affecting Low Birth Weight Babies in Tertiary Care Centre,2019;10(12):634-640

Author:Suchita N Kawale, Manjusha A Shinde, Prashant S Shinde

Keywords:Low birth weight, Neonatal inten-sive care unit, Tertiary care centre, Sociodemographic factors.

Type:Original Article

A Case Control Study to Determine the Predisposing Factors for Myocardial Infarction among Young Adults,2019;10(12):641-644

Author:Nandini C, Kashavva B Andanigoudar, Dattatreya D Bant

Keywords:Premature Myocardial Infarction, Type A personality, perceived stress, Case control study, dietary fibre

Type:Original Article

A Cross Sectional Study on Health Seeking Behaviour among Elderly in Shimoga,2019;10(12):645-648

Author:Nandini C, Saranya R

Keywords:health seeking, elderly, morbidity.

Type:Original Article

Assessment of Knowledge and Attitude Regarding Pre-Conceptional Care Among Newly Married Women Residing at Urban Areas Of Vadodara City, Gujarat, India,2019;10(12):649-652

Author:Pritesh G Patel, Tejas A Shah

Keywords:Pre-conception care, newly married women, Knowledge and Attitude

Type:Original Article

Study of Socio Demographic Profile of HIV Positive Patients Seeking Treatment in Tertiary Care Hospital – A Cross Sectional Study,2019;10(12):653-658

Author:Manjusha A Dhoble, Sanjay S Kubde, Asim Inamdar, Mohan Khamgaonkar, Ashok R Jadhao

Keywords:HIV, sociodemographic, ART, het-erosexual

Type:Original Article

Prevalence, Pattern and Socio-Demographic Determinants of Tobacco Use in Elderly Population of a Rural Area of Central India,2019;10(12):659-665

Author:Tarique Ibrahim, Rashmi Bhujade, Arun K Wanjpe, Dharampal S Chouhan

Keywords:Tobacco use, prevalence, Pattern, determinant, elderly

Type:Original Article