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Socio-Demographic and Health Profile of Indoor Pediatric Patients Admitted in VS General Hospital, Ahmedabad,2016;7(12):904-908

Author:Kapil J Govani, Amul B Patel

Keywords:Malnutrition, Immunization, Socio-economical status, indoor, pediatric

Type:Original Article

A Study on Social Phobia and Functional Disability among University Students of Dakshina Kannada District,2016;7(12):909-913

Author:MD Shoeeb Akram, Poonam Naik, Abhay S Nirgude

Keywords:Social phobia, functional disability, socio-demographic, university students, Dakshina Kannada

Type:Original Article

Awareness of Screening and Prevention of Cervical Cancer in Women of Reproductive Age Group: The Overlooked Entities!,2016;7(12):914-917

Author:Kartik Sudhakar Patil, Meenal V Kulkarni

Keywords:Cervical cancer, Screening of cervical cancer, Prevention of cervical cancer, Slum, Women of reproductive age

Type:Original Article

Awareness about Newly Launched Social Security Schemes among Rural Population in India,2016;7(12):918-921

Author:Kshama B Vidhate, Ritesh Kundap

Keywords:Social security; rural population; awareness; utilization.

Type:Original Article

"A Cross Sectional Study on High Risk Under Five Children in Urban Slums of Old City Bidar ",2016;7(12):922-925

Author:Naveenkumar. G Havale, Rahul. C Bedre, Pallavi. M Kesari, Ratikanth Swamy

Keywords:High risk, under five children, weaning, birth spacing, Socioeconomic class

Type:Original Article

Assessment of Nutritional Status of Adolescents: Field Experience from Rural Gujarat, India,2016;7(12):926-930

Author:Poonam K Trivedi, Deepak Saxena, Tapasvi Puwar, Sandul Yasobant , Shital Savaliya, Manish Fancy

Keywords:AHD, Adolescent, BMI

Type:Original Article

Undernutrition Among School Going Children of Shirur Village, Bagalkot: A Cross-Sectional Study,2016;7(12):931-935

Author:Pavan S Kalasker, Waseem Anjum, Bhaskar Kurre

Keywords:Underweight, Stunting, Rural, School Children

Type:Original Article