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Assessment of Quality of Sleep among Urban Working Women Using Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index,2017;8(12):705-709

Author:Sathvik N Rai, Mayur S Sherkhane

Keywords:PSQI, Quality, Sleep, Urban, Working, Women

Type:Original Article

Assessment of Undernutrition in Preschool Children of Urban & Rural Field Practice Area,2017;8(12):710-713

Author:Sanat K Rathod, Dharmendra V Jankar, Chandresh M Pandya, Dipak M Solanki, Gaurang A Suthar, Urvashi Panchal

Keywords:underweight, stunting, wasting, growth chart, breast feeding

Type:Original Article

Is Depression a Part of The Aging Process?!: A Study From The Old Age Homes in Davangere District, Karnataka,2017;8(12):714-717

Author:Santosh Achappa, Varadaraja Rao BA

Keywords:elderly, old age home, depression

Type:Original Article

Women’s Attitude for a Male Offspring and Related Family Planning Practices,2017;8(12):718-720

Author:Nazish Rasheed, Zulfia Khan, Najam Khalique, Rambha Pathak

Keywords:Gender preference, family planning, attitude, contraceptive choice

Type:Original Article

A Study to Assess Pattern of Morbidities among Adolescents under School Health Program from Arural Block of North India,2017;8(12):721-725

Author:Abu Bashar Md, Arun Kumar Aggarwal , Manju Pilania

Keywords:Adolescents, Anaemia, Wasting, Stunting, School Health Program, World Health Organization

Type:Original Article

A Cross Sectional Study of the Prevalence of Obesity or Overweight and its Correlates among School Children in a Central India District,2017;8(12):726-732

Author:Dhiraj Kumar Srivastava, Pankaj Kumar Jain, Monika Srivastav, Neeraj Gour, Bharati Choubey, Sandip Kumar

Keywords:Childhood Obesity, Knowledge of Obesity, Activity associated with Obesity.

Type:Original Article

Tobacco Usage Pattern and Its Determinants among the Students of a Medical College in Kerala,2017;8(12):733-736

Author:Madhusudan M, Sudarshan BP, Sanjay TV, Arun Gopi, Gitanjali U

Keywords:Tobacco usage, medical students, Kerala, Wayanad

Type:Original Article