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HIV/AIDS Control: Scaling up, Demand Generation and Mainstreaming in context of Gujarat,2010;1(2):62-63

Author:P Kumar


Type:Editorial/Guest Editorial

Study of Risk Factors of Acute Respiratory Infection (ARI) in Underfives in Solapur,2010;1(2):64-67

Author:Prasad D Pore, Chandrashekhar H Ghattargi, Madhavi V Rayate

Keywords:ARI, Risk factors, Underfives, Pneumonia

Type:Original Article

Sexual Behavior among Injection Drug Users and Potential for Hiv Spread to Non-Injectors in A Western Indian City,2010;1(2):68-70

Author:Chavan LB, Patel Prakash, Bhavesh Modi, Undhad Ashwin

Keywords:HIV, injection drug use, sexual behavior, commercial sex

Type:Original Article

An Evaluation of Treatment Behavior of The Patients on Dots of Anand District, Gujarat,2010;1(2):71-74

Author:Donald Christian, Uday Shankar Singh, Sidhyartha Mukherjee, Deepak Sharma

Keywords:treatment behavior, DOTS patients, social stigma, side effects of DOTS drugs, treatment interruption

Type:Original Article

Animal Bite Management Practices: Study at Three Municipal Corporation Hospitals of Ahmedabad,2010;1(2):75-78

Author:Vyas Sheetal, Gupta Kinnari, Bhatt Gneyaa, Tiwari Hemant

Keywords:Animal bites, anti-rabies serum, post-exposure prophylaxis, pre-treatment practices, tissue culture vaccine

Type:Original Article

An Analysis of Pedestrian Accidents in Sabarkantha District,2010;1(2):79-81

Author:Mitesh Patel, Girija Kartha, Mehta HK

Keywords:Road traffic accidents, Non-fatal and fatal events, Pedestrian, Dark hours

Type:Original Article

An Alarming Hazard in The Community Using Aluminium in Day to Day Life on The Basis of Toxic Effects on The Liver of Abino Rats by Ingestion of Aluminium.,2010;1(2):82-84

Author:Deepa Rani Agarwal, Sandeep B. Gupta

Keywords:Aluminium, Liver, Hepatocellular degeneration, Nuclear variations, Toxic hepatitis

Type:Original Article