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Risk of Breast Cancer in Obese Women: A Case-Control Study,2010;1(2):166-167

Author:Lodha S Rama, Nandeshwar Sunil, Pal K D

Keywords:Breast Cancer, Obesity, BMI

Type:Short Communication

Assessment of Clinical Postings in Community Medicine at a Medical College in Western India-A Focus Group Discussion With Teachers,2010;1(2):168-169

Author:Shobha Misra, R. K. Baxi, Parag Chavda

Keywords:Community Medicine, Medical College, FGD

Type:Short Communication

Efficacy of Syndromic Approach in Urban Slum of Bhopal,2010;1(2):170-171

Author:Vishal Jamra, S. Nandeshwar, DK Pal

Keywords:Syndromic Approach, Slum, STIs

Type:Short Communication

Awareness about Vaccine Vial Monitor at Pulse Polio Booths,2010;1(2):172-173

Author:Bipin Vasava, Kallol Malick, Dave Kairavee, Patel Amit, Rupani Mihir, Bhautik Modi, Naik AK

Keywords:Pulse polio, Vaccine vial monitor

Type:Short Communication

Addiction to Social Networking Websites and Its Effect on Lifecourse of College Going Students in Surat City,2010;1(2):174-175

Author:Chawada BL, Choksi RP, Choksi SB, Dari UT, Pawar AB, Bansal RK

Keywords:Internet, Social Networking, Students

Type:Short Communication

Indian Diabetes Risk Score for Screening of Undiagnosed Diabetic Subjects of Bhopal City,2010;1(2):176-177

Author:S Nandeshwar, Vishal Jamra, DK Pal

Keywords:IDRS, sensitivity, specificity

Type:Short Communication