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Psychosocial Consequences of Infertility among Rural and Urban Population in Vijayapura, Karnataka,2019;10(2):91-95

Author:Vidya V Patil, Rekha Udgiri

Keywords:Infertility, Psychosocial consequences, Rural habitations, Urban habitations.

Type:Original Article

Assessment of Functionality of ASHAs with Respect to Health Services in Bharatpur, Rajasthan, 2016,2019;10(2):96-100

Author:Latika Nath Sinha, Vinod Goyal

Keywords:RMNCH+A, ASHA functionality, district, supervision

Type:Original Article

Substance Use and HIV among Subjects Attending Integrated Counseling and Testing Centre in South India: A Case Control Study,2019;10(2):101-107

Author:NR Ramesh Masthi, MS Phaneendra, Pradeep Banandur, Pruthvi S

Keywords:HIV, Substance use, Case control study, ICTC

Type:Original Article

Coverage Evaluation of Immunization Services Provided to Children of Age Group (12-23 months) in Urban Slum of Western Gujarat,2019;10(2):108-113

Author:Mubashshera F Khan, Ilesh Kotecha, Mittal Rathod

Keywords:Mamta card, fully immunized, partially or unimmunized.

Type:Original Article

Relationship between Academic Performance and Acquisition of Clinical Skills among Interns in a Government Medical College – Need for Competence Based Medical Education,2019;10(2):114-118

Author:Sajja Jayashree, SN Manjunatha

Keywords:Medical students, clinical competence, academic performance, teacher training

Type:Original Article

Epidemiological Profile and Treatment Outcome of Childhood Tuberculosis Patients in Pune City,2019;10(2):119-123

Author:Anagha Pramod Jadhav, Sunil Madhavrao Sagare

Keywords:Childhood TB, treatment outcome, RNTCP

Type:Original Article