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Clients’ Satisfaction with Anti Retroviral Therapy Services at Hamidia Hospital Bhopal,2011;2(2):241-243

Author:Bhagat Vimal Kishor, Pal D K, Lodha Rama S, Bankwar Vishal

Keywords:satisfaction, PLWHA, ART, exit interview

Type:Original Article

Women’s Knowledge, Perceptions, and Potential Demand towards Caesarean Section,2011;2(2):244-248

Author:Saoji Ajeet, Nayse Jaydeep, Kasturwar Nandkishore, Relwani Nisha

Keywords:Caesarean section, awareness, perceptions, attitudes, mode of delivery

Type:Original Article

Prevalence of Ocular Morbidities among School Children in Rural Area of North Maharashtra in India,2011;2(2):249-254

Author:Deshpande Jayant D, Malathi K

Keywords:Ocular morbidity, prevalence, school children

Type:Original Article

A Study on Prevalence of Acute Respiratory Tract Infections(ARI) in Under Five Children in Urban and Rural Communities of Ahmedabad District, Gujarat,2011;2(2):255-259

Author:Bipin Prajapati , Nitiben Talsania, Sonaliya K N

Keywords:Acute respiratory infections, under five children, overcrowding, illiteracy

Type:Original Article

Impact of IEC Activity on Women’s Knowledge through Health Exhibition Arranged on Women’s Day,2011;2(2):260-264

Author:Reshma Sudhir Patil

Keywords:IEC, nutrition education, demonstration, food adulteration

Type:Original Article

Prevalence of Dysmenorrhea among Adolescent Girls (14-19 Yrs) of Kadapa District and its Impact on Quality of Life: A Cross Sectional Study,2011;2(2):265-268

Author:Suresh K. Kumbhar, Mrudula Reddy, Sujana B., Roja Reddy K., Divya Bhargavi K., C. Balkrishna

Keywords:Adolescent girls, dysmenorrhea , sickness absenteeism, quality of life.

Type:Original Article

Perceptions and Practices Encouraging Organ Donation among Doctors in Surat City,2011;2(2):269-272

Author:Panchal Shaishav, Toral Desai

Keywords:Organ donation, Surat city, doctors

Type:Original Article