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Impact of Educational Intervention Regarding Mosquito Borne Diseases and Their Control Measures among The Link Workers of Urban Health Centers (UHCs) of Ahmedabad City,2012;3(2):178-182

Author:Prajapati Arpit, Parikh Sonal, Fancy Manish, Bala DV

Keywords:link workers, mosquito borne diseases, temephos

Type:Original Article

Measure to Improve Detection of Smear Positive Cases Under RNTCP: Comparison of 2 Sputum Examinations versus 3 Sputum Examinations,2012;3(2):183-186

Author:Parmar Rahul, Baxi Rajendra K

Keywords:Tuberculosis, Sputum examination, RNTCP

Type:Original Article

Is Janani Suraksha Yojana’s (JSY) Awareness a Reflection of Healthy Pregnancy Outcome? Differences in Rural Areas and Urban Slums,2012;3(2):187-192

Author:Sharma Parul, Srivastava Kajal, Vyas Shaili, Kishore Surekha, Semwal Jayanti

Keywords:Janani Suraksha yojana, awareness, married women, rural areas, urban slums

Type:Original Article

Surgical Site Infections: Incidence and Risk Factors in a Tertiary Care Hospital, Western India,2012;3(2):193-196

Author:Patel Sachin M, Patel Mitesh H, Patel Sangeeta D, Soni Sumeeta T, Kinariwala Dipa M, Vegad Mahendra M

Keywords:Surgical site infections (SSI), Risk factors, NNIS risk index

Type:Original Article

Knowledge Assessment of Hospital Staff Regarding Biomedical Waste Management in A Tertiary Care Hospital,2012;3(2):197-200

Author:Bathma Vishal, Likhar Swarn K, Mishra Mahesh K, Athavale Arvind V, Agarwal Sanjay, Shukla Uma S

Keywords:biomedical waste, tertiary care hospital, knowledge, hospital staff

Type:Original Article

Environmental Health and Gram Panchayat Members of Western Maharashtra, India,2012;3(2):201-206

Author:Kadam Yugantara R, Samant Anuradha J, Gore Alka D

Keywords:Attitude, Awareness, Environmental health, Panchayat member, Practices

Type:Original Article

A Study to Assess The Implementation and Effectiveness of IMNCI Program and Evaluation of Skills of Rural Anganwadi Workers in Vadodara Taluka,2012;3(2):207-212

Author:Bharani Sheela, Parmar Tarun, Kantharia Neha, Parmar Rahul, Kharod Nikhil

Keywords:IMNCI program, AWWs, skills, problems in implementation

Type:Original Article