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A Study of Applicability of Hamilton Depression Rating Scale in a Tertiary Psychiatry Clinic of Kolkata,2012;3(2):247-251

Author:Ghosal Malay, Debnath Asish, Mondal Sukhendu, Chowdhary Ranadip, Mallik Sarmila

Keywords:Hamilton Depression Scale (HAM-D), Montgomery-Asberg Depression Rating scale, Reliability, Validity

Type:Original Article

Cooking Practices and Food Intake Pattern amongst Adult Women in Pune City,2012;3(2):252-254

Author:Gothankar Jayashree S, Patil Reshma, Vaidya Varsha M, Ghate Mrunalini M

Keywords:health exhibition, cooking practices, food intake pattern, adult women

Type:Original Article

A Study on Antibiotic Related Resistance in UTI Patients: A Comparison between Community Acquired and Hospital Acquired E. Coli,2012;3(2):255-258

Author:Tada Dharmishtha G, Gandhi Paragi J, Patel Kiran N

Keywords:Antibiotic resistance, UTI, E. Coli

Type:Original Article

GIS in Epidemiology: Applications and Services,2012;3(2):259-263

Author:Bhatt Bindu M, Joshi Janak P

Keywords:Key Words: Epidemiology, GIS, Health Services, Mapping, Public Health

Type:Original Article

Smoking, Smokeless tobacco Consumption & Coronary Artery Disease – A Case Control Study,2012;3(2):264-268

Author:Ram Rohit V, Trivedi Atul V

Keywords:Case Control study, Coronary artery disease, Smoking, Smokeless tobacco

Type:Original Article

Gender Preference, Attitude and Awareness Regarding Sex Determination among Married Women Attending General OPD & Antenatal Clinic of RDGMC Ujjain, MP, India,2012;3(2):269-273

Author:Khandelwal Vidit, Chakole Swarupa V, Gupta Harshal, Mehta Satish C

Keywords:Gender preference, sex determination, antenatal clinic, Ujjain

Type:Original Article

Factors for Cessations of Exclusive Breast Feeding at End of 6 Weeks in Healthy Term and Late Preterm Neonates Born in a Hospital Set up in North India,2012;3(2):274-278

Author:Jain Suksham, Singla Manju, Chawla Deepak

Keywords:Exclusive Breast Feeding, Cessation of breast feeding, Primiparous

Type:Original Article