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Clinico-Epidemiological Profile of Female Breast Cancers and Its Important Correlates: A Hospital Based Study,2012;3(2):316-320

Author:Agrawal Kapil H, Rajderkar SS

Keywords:Female breast cancers, younger age group, epidemiology, risk factors, Western Maharashtra.

Type:Original Article

Food Consumption Pattern and Nutritional Status of Women Laborers From Coastal Areas of Karnataka,2012;3(2):321-325

Author:Archana Prabhat, Khyrunnisa Begum

Keywords:Food pattern, Nutritional status, women laborers, BMI, daily wages,

Type:Original Article

Epidemiology of Fatal Burn Cases in G.K. General Hospital, Bhuj,2012;3(2):326-329

Author:Vaghela Prithvirajsinh C, Ahir Ghanshyam N , Patel Malay H

Keywords:Burn case, fatal, epidemiology, unnatural death

Type:Original Article

Status of Maternal and Child Health and Services Utilization Patterns in The Urban Slums of Bhopal, India,2012;3(2):330-332

Author:Gupta Sanjay K, Nandeshwar Sunil

Keywords:Urban slums, Maternal and child health.

Type:Original Article

Oral Premalignant Lesions Associated with Areca Nut and Tobacco Chewing among The tobacco Industry Workers in Area of Rural Maharashtra,2012;3(2):333-338

Author:Kawatra Abhishek, Lathi Aniket, Kamble Suchit V, Sharma Panchsheel, Parhar Gaurav

Keywords:Areca-nut, tobacco industry, oral premalignant lesions.

Type:Original Article

A Study on Socio-Demographic Profile and Risk Factors Present in HIV Infected Patients Attending ART Centre in Tertiary Care Hospital in Rajasthan, India,2012;3(2):339-343

Author:Baig Vaseem N, Swarnkar Madhusudan, Bhardwaj Ashok K, Rathore Monika, Kasyap Amita

Keywords:Anti Retroviral Therapy, HIV/AIDS, unprotected sex

Type:Original Article

Are Indian Adolescent Girl Students More Conscious about their Body Image than their Colleague Boys?,2012;3(2):344-347

Author:Shah Hasmukh D, Shaikh Wasim A, Singh S K

Keywords:Indian adolescents, body mass index, total body fat percentage, body image.

Type:Original Article