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Assessment of Knowledge and Skills of Counselling among Link Workers of Link Workers’ Scheme for HIV/AIDS in Rural Areas of Surat District,2012;3(2):348-351

Author:Desai Binita, Parmar Rohit, Kosambiya JK, Solanky Priti, Prajapati Shailesh, Kantharia SL

Keywords:Link Worker, HIV, Counselling

Type:Original Article

Death Audit of Deaths Due to Malaria At LG Hospital, Ahmedabad (Gujarat) During The Year 2011,2012;3(2):352-356

Author:Vyas Sheetal, Solanki Anand, Joshi Urvish, Nayak Himanshu

Keywords:Case-fatality Rate (CFR), Survival period, Malaria, National Drug Policy on Malaria (2010)

Type:Original Article

Mantle Cell Lymphoma of GI Tract Presented as Multiple Lymphomatous Polyposis: A Rare Intestinal Malignancy,2012;3(2):357-359

Author:Rathod Kirti M, Gupta Monica V, Shah Kalpesh H, Patel Keyuri B

Keywords:Mantle cell, lymphoma, polyposis, malignancy, GI track

Type:Short Communication

Primary Malignant Melanoma of Esophagus: A Case Report,2012;3(2):360-361

Author:Rathod Kirti, Mulla Faruq, Jhabuawala Munira , Shah Menka

Keywords:Melanoma, Esophagus, Dysphagia

Type:Short Communication

Lets Initiate to Innovate,2012;3(2):362-363

Author:Agrawal Kapil H

Keywords:Innovation, village, health practitioner

Type:Letter to Editor