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Study of Protein Carbonyl Group, Nitric Oxide and MDA (Index of Lipid Peroxidation) as Biomarkers of Oxidative Stress in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus,2013;4(2):294-299

Author:Vilas U Chavan, R R Melinkeri

Keywords:Diabetes mellitus, oxidative stress, protein carbonyl (CO) group, nitric oxide (NO.) malondialdehyde (MDA)

Type:Original Article

A Study of Awareness of Nutrition & Anaemia among College Going Students of Mahila College of Bhavnagar,2013;4(2):300-303

Author:Harshad Patel, Harsha Solanki, Vibha Gosalia, Falguni Vora, M. P. Singh

Keywords:College going students, Nutrition, Anaemia, Health Education

Type:Original Article

A Study of Assessment of Maternal Health Service Utilization in Rural area of Surat district by Multi Indicator Cluster Survey,2013;4(2):304-307

Author:Hitesh Shah, Binita Desai, Vipul Chaudhari, S L Kantharia

Keywords:Antenatal care, Maternal health, Service utilization.

Type:Original Article

Prevalence of Transfusion Transmitted Infection Markers and Geographic Mapping to Identify Safe Areas for Holding Blood Donation Camps in Surat City,2013;4(2):308-313

Author:Rinku V Shukla, Gulab R Patel, Avani P Shah, Snehalata C Gupte

Keywords:HIV, Hepatitis B virus, Hepatitis C virus, Syphilis, Voluntary blood donation

Type:Original Article

Body Mass Index, Dietary Habits and Physical Exercise among School going Adolescent: A Cross Sectional Study in Ahmedabad,2013;4(2):314-317

Author:Tejas A Shah, Rajshree J Bhatt, Mitesh Patel, Pritesh G Patel

Keywords:Physical Activity, BMI, Gender difference

Type:Original Article

A Study to Assess the Level of Living and Awareness and Practices Regarding MCH Care in a Remote Tribal Village of Udaipur District,2013;4(2):318-320

Author:Arun Kumar, Shalabh Sharma, Chandra Prakash Sharma, Suresh Chandra Meghwal

Keywords:Community health survey, MCH, Tribal

Type:Original Article

A Community level KAP study on Mosquito Control in Jamnagar District.,2013;4(2):321-328

Author:Kishor M Dhaduk, Kapil M Gandha, Bhavin N Vadera, Jitesh P Mehta, Dipesh V Parmar, Sudha B Yadav

Keywords:Community participation, Breeding, active surveillance, personal protection, larvae control

Type:Original Article