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Treatment Seeking Behavior and Health Care Expenditure Incurred for Hypertension among elderly in Urban Slums of Belgaum City,2013;4(2):227-230

Author:Sulakshana S Baliga, Praveen S Gopakumaran, Sangappa M Katti, Maheshwar D Mallapur

Keywords:Hypertension, Treatment seeking behavior, urban slums, Expenditure pattern

Type:Original Article

Cold Chain Maintenance and Vaccine Administration Practices in hospitals & clinics of Mangalore City – A Health System’s Research,2013;4(2):231-235

Author:Harsha Kumar H N, Aakanksha Aggarwal

Keywords:Cold Chain Maintenance, Vaccination Administration Practices, Health Systems Research

Type:Original Article

A study of Menstrual Problems among the Female Junior College Students from Rural Area of Sangli District,2013;4(2):236-240

Author:Vivek B Waghachavare, Vishwajeet M Chavan, Girish B Dhumale

Keywords:Adolescents; Premenstrual Syndrome; Menstrual Distrubances; Depression

Type:Original Article

Community Medicine as a Career Option! How is it Perceived by Medical Students?,2013;4(2):241-246

Author:Manish Kumar Singh, Arvind Kumar Singh

Keywords:Community Medicine, Career choice, Mann Whitney U test, Likert scale

Type:Original Article

Learning Lessons through Data Triangulation: Vulnerability of Surat City to HIV epidemic,2013;4(2):247-251

Author:Anjali Modi, J K Kosambiya, H K Sondharwa, Manish Kumar

Keywords:Data Triangulation, HIV Sentinel Surveillance, AIDS Prevention and Control Units

Type:Original Article

Road Traffic Accidents with Head Injury: A Study From Western Uttar Pradesh,2013;4(2):252-255

Author:Urfi, Samia Kirmani, Ali Amir, Mohd. Fakhrul Hoda, Salman Khalil

Keywords:RTA, head injury, two wheeler motorized vehicle

Type:Original Article

Socio-Epidemiological Parameters Influencing the Treatment Outcome in Newly Diagnosed Smear Positive Cases Under DOTS in District Amritsar,2013;4(2):256-260

Author:Manisha Nagpal, Priyanka Devgun

Keywords:socio-epidemiological parameters, treatment outcome, DOTS

Type:Original Article