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Occupational Health Profile of Beedi Workers in Coastal Karnataka,2014;5(2):157-160

Author:Madhusudan M, Dipak Patil, Jayaram S

Keywords:occupational diseases, tobacco, beedi workers, morbidity

Type:Original Article

Morbidity Profile of Employees Working in a Thermal Power Station Parali,2014;5(2):161-164

Author:U G Kawalkar; V A Kakrani; A S Nagaonkar; V L Vedpathak; P L Dahire; P G Kogade

Keywords:power plant employees; morbidities; respiratory morbidity; chronic bronchitis

Type:Original Article

Do Gender Differences Influence the Quality of Life of People Living with HIV/AIDS?,2014;5(2):165-168

Author:Namita N Deshmukh, Jyotsna S Deshmukh, Avinash M Borkar, Suresh N Ughade, Deepak K Lone, Prakash R Bhatkule, Mohan B Khamgaonkar

Keywords:HIV, AIDS, Quality of life, Gender

Type:Original Article

Awareness Regarding Human Papilloma Virus and its Vaccine among Final Year MBBS Students,2014;5(2):169-173

Author:Mithun M Sanghavi

Keywords:HPV; vaccine, awareness, medical students

Type:Original Article

The Fate of Tuberculosis Cases after Two Years of DOTS Chemotherapy in Aurangabad City, Maharashtra,2014;5(2):174-178

Author:Rahul H Dandekar, Jagannath V Dixit

Keywords:Fate, DOTS, Tuberculosis.

Type:Original Article

A Study of Factors Associated with Presence of Acute Respiratory Infection in Children 1-4 Years of Age in an Urban Slum of Pune City,2014;5(2):179-181

Author:Ajay Kumar Jha, JitendraBhawalkar, Anil Dixit, Amit Singh Pawaiya, Nitin Pathak

Keywords:Acute respiratory infections (ARIs), longitudinal study, 1-4 years children, pollution

Type:Original Article

Quiz as an Innovative Approach in Teaching Community Medicine to Medical Students,2014;5(2):182-185

Author:K. Devi

Keywords:Quiz method, innovation, communtiy medicine, under-gratuate medical students, Pretest, postest.

Type:Original Article