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Social Networking Media: A Newer Approach to Increase Awareness Against Tobacco Chewing,2014;5(2):249-252

Author:Chirag Gajera, Shivangi Malaviya, Umang Patel, Neha Bavarva, Manan Patel, Shreyash Mehta

Keywords:social networking, Facebook, youth, tobacco addiction, health campaign

Type:Original Article

Myeshenia Gravis Presented with Respiratory Failure,2014;5(2):257-258

Author:Vandana Dhangar, Snehal B Patel

Keywords:Myasthenia gravis, Acetylcholine receptor, Muscle specific tyrosin kinase

Type:Short Communication

Human Papillomavirus Vaccine: A New Opportunity for the Treatment of Human Papillomavirus Infections,2014;5(2):259-260

Author:Sneha Ambwani, Prabhu Prakash, Seema Surana, Suman Bhansali

Keywords:Human Papilloma virus, vaccine

Type:Short Communication

Private Players in Medical Education in India,2014;5(2):261-261

Author:Satyajit Pattnaik, Dhananjay Sharma

Keywords:Medical education, medical college

Type:Letter to Editor

Use of Statistical Methods and Complexity of Data Analysis in Recent Research Publications in Basic Medical Sciences,2014;5(2):253-256

Author:Swati Patel,V D Naik, Prakash Patel

Keywords:Bio-statistics, basic medical sciences, research publications, statistical test

Type:Original Article