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HIV/AIDS knowledge among adult male migrant factory workers of an industrial city in north India,2015;6(2):236-242

Author:SA Rizwan, Sanjay Rai, Kiran Goswami, Puneet Misra, Shashi Kant

Keywords:HIV/AIDS knowledge, factory workers, male migrants, India

Type:Original Article

Diet Survey of the families in a Rural Area-An Observational Study,2015;6(2):243-246

Author:Richa Nigam, Sonia Tiwari

Keywords:Calorie/CU, Protein/CU, Socio-economic class, Family, consumption unit

Type:Original Article

Nutritional Status of children Under Five year of Age in Anganwadi Centres in Kolar area of Madhya Pradesh,2015;6(2):247-252

Author:Shailendra Meena, Rituja Kaushal, D.M. Saxena

Keywords:Malnutrition, Under five age group, Epidemiological determinants, Kolar, Bhopal

Type:Original Article

A Study on Pattern of Alcohol Use using AUDIT among the College Students in a Medical College of North India,2015;6(2):253-257

Author:Varsha Chaudhary, Rashmi Katyal, Shailendra Pratap Singh, Hari Shankar Joshi, Deepak Upadhyay, Arun Singh

Keywords:Pattern of alcohol use, hazardous, harmful and dependent users

Type:Original Article

Utilization of Maternal Care Services in Urban area: Still an Issue of Modern World,2015;6(2):258-262

Author:Neha Bavarva, Prakash Patel, R K Bansal

Keywords:Maternal care, JSY, urban, obstetric services, home delivery

Type:Original Article

Randomized, Open Label, Active Controlled comparative study to assess Safety, Efficacy of Mometasone & Formoterol versus Fluticasone & Formoterol dry powder inhaler in treatment of Mild to Moderate Persistent Asthma,2015;6(2):263-269

Author:Parasuramalu B G, Sathish Chandra M R, Huliraj N, Giriyanna Gowda, Gangaboraiah

Keywords:Mild to moderate persistent Asthma; dry powder inhaler; safety; efficacy

Type:Original Article

A Study on Awareness about Harmful Effects of Tobacco Use among Rural Population in Dehradun District of Uttarakhand,2015;6(2):270-273

Author:Danish Imtiaz, Sunit Dutt Kandpal, Ruchi Juyal, Ved Prakash Shrotriya

Keywords:Awareness, Tobacco use, Harmful effects

Type:Original Article