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Risk factors affecting Non-compliance of drug therapy among Hypertensive patients at Cherlapally, India,2015;6(2):169-173

Author:Suguna Dumpala, Nagaraj Konagunta, Guru Prasad Venna

Keywords:Hypertension, drug therapy, non-compliance

Type:Original Article

Prevalence of Hypertension among Rural and Urban Population in Southern Rajasthan,2015;6(2):174-178

Author:Antima Galav, Rekha Bhatanagar, Suresh Chandra Meghwal, Manish Jain

Keywords:Hypertension, Southern Rajasthan, Cross-sectional study, Prevalence

Type:Original Article

Morbidity Profile of OPD patients of an Urban Health and Training Center: A Tool for the Health Planners,2015;6(2):179-183

Author:Vikas Yadav, Manjunath SR, S Mukherji, TS Ramakrishnan

Keywords:morbidity profile, communicable diseases, non-communicable diseases, seasonal variation

Type:Original Article

Prevalence of Goiter and the Status of Iodized Salt among the Primary School Children of A Rural District in Central India,2015;6(2):184-188

Author:Mohan Shinde, Ankur Joshi, Govind Naik, Anshuli Trivedi

Keywords:Iodine deficiency disorder, prevalence of goiter, iodized salt

Type:Letter to Editor

Health Appraisal of the forest guards and scalers – a study from Uttarakhand, India,2015;6(2):189-192

Author:Rajesh Kumar Singh, Mehar Bano, C.M.S Rawat

Keywords:Forest guards, scalers, morbidity, addiction, BMI

Type:Original Article

Evaluation of Knowledge of ASHA Workers Regarding Various Health Services under NRHM in Saurashtra Region of Gujarat,2015;6(2):193-197

Author:Maheshkumar Choudary, Krunal Varia, Nitin Kothari, Shreyash Ghandhi, Naresh R Makwana, Dipesh Parmar

Keywords:ASHA worker, Health services, Knowledge, NRHM

Type:Original Article

Self-medication: Awareness and Attitude among undergraduate medical students in a tertiary care medical college, Dhule,2015;6(2):198-202

Author:Sandip Bharat Patil

Keywords:self-medication, over-the-counter, non-prescription, drugs, awareness, attitudes

Type:Original Article