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Rural Stay Exposure for Undergraduate Medical Student,2011;2(3):320-321

Author:Uday Shankar Singh

Keywords:PHC: Primary Health Centre, MCI: Medical Council of India

Type:Editorial/Guest Editorial

Critical Analysis of Performance of MBBS Students Using OSPE & TDPE - A Comparative Study,2011;2(3):322-324

Author:Richa Nigam, Priyanka Mahawar

Keywords:OSPE, TDPE

Type:Original Article

Effect of Smoking on Body Mass Index: A Community-Based Study,2011;2(3):325-330

Author:Pragti Chhabra, Sunil K Chhabra

Keywords:Body mass index, Smoking, Community-based study, Gender, Economic status

Type:Original Article

Primary Pterygium – Comparsion of Limbal Conjuncitval Autografting Surgery versus Intra Operative Mitomycin - C (0.02%) after Exicision of Primary Pterygium,2011;2(3):331-334

Author:Harpal Singh, A S Thakur, B L Sharma

Keywords:Pterygium, Recurrent Pterygium, Limbus, Autografting, Mitomycin-C (MMC), Limbal conjunctival autografting (LCAG), Slit lamp biomicrosocpy, Platelets derived growth factors (PDGF).

Type:Original Article

Socio-Demographic Profile of Infant Mortality by Verbal Autopsy in Urban Area of Bhavnagar, Gujarat,2011;2(3):335-339

Author:Sanat Rathod, MP Singh, Rahul Damor, Dharmendra Jankar, Vibha Gosalia, Harshad Patel, Devang Raval

Keywords:Infant mortality, early neonatal deaths, verbal autopsy

Type:Original Article

Surveillance of Hospital Acquired Infection in Surgical Wards in Tertiary Care Centre Ahmedabad, Gujarat,2011;2(3):340-345

Author:Patel Disha A, Patel Kiran B, Bhatt Seema K, Shah Hetal S

Keywords:Key words: Hospital acquired infection, surgical site infection, nosocomial infection

Type:Original Article

Assessment of Immunization Status of Children Between 12-23 Months in Allahabad District,2011;2(3):346-348

Author:Arshiya Masood, S Dwivedi, G. Singh, M A Hassan, Arun Singh

Keywords:Immunization Status, Children between 12-23months,Vitamin A Prophylaxis, Allahabad

Type:Original Article