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Study of Health Profile of Residents of Geriatric Home in Ahmedabad District,2011;2(3):378-382

Author:Kavita Banker, Bipin Prajapati, Geeta Kedia

Keywords:Cross sectional study, Geriatric home, health profile

Type:Original Article

A Study on Availability of Basic Civic Facilities in Urban Slum Area of Bhuj, Gujarat, India,2011;2(3):383-387

Author:Bipin Prajapati, Kavita Benker, K N Sonalia, Nitiben Talsania, Siddharth Mukherjee, K N Trivedi

Keywords:Drinking water ,urban slum, basic facility.

Type:Original Article

Health Status of Rural Girls,2011;2(3):388-393

Author:Madhuri inamdar, sameer inamdar, n. L. Sachdeva

Keywords:Rural girls, Health status, malnourished, stunted, hygiene, complete treatment, discrimination

Type:Original Article

Maternal Risk Factors for Low Birth Weight Neonates: A Hospital Based Case-Control Study in Rural Area of Western Maharashtra, India,2011;2(3):394-398

Author:Deshpande Jayant D, Phalke D B, Bangal V B, D Peeyuusha, Bhatt Sushen

Keywords:Key words: Low birth weight, risk factors, case control study

Type:Original Article

A Socio- Demographic Profile of Infant Deaths in A Tribal Block of South Gujarat,2011;2(3):399-403

Author:Amul Patel, Pradeep Kumar, Naresh Godara, Vikas K Desai

Keywords:Infant deaths, socio-epidemiological profile, socioeconomic status, literacy, teenage pregnancy

Type:Original Article

Assessing Patient Satisfaction for Investigative Services at Public Hospitals to Improve Quality of Services,2011;2(3):404-408

Author:P R Sodani, Kalpa Sharma

Keywords:Investigative Services, Patient satisfaction, quality of care, public health facilities.

Type:Original Article

Impact of School Health Program –A Retrospective Analysis of Pediatric Echo’s Done in a Tertiary Set-Up,2011;2(3):409-412

Author:Poonam Singh, Dorothy Sengupta

Keywords:School health program, Heart disease

Type:Original Article