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Effect of Daily versus Weekly Iron Folic Acid Supplementation on the Haemoglobin Levels of Children 6 To 36 Months of Urban Slums of Vadodara,2011;2(3):413-418

Author:K Sharma, P Parikh, F Desai

Keywords:Under 3, IFA supplementation, anaemia, weekly vs. daily supplementation, low socio economic group

Type:Original Article

Socio-Demographic Characteristics of Postmenopausal Women of Rural Area of Vadodara District, Gujarat,2011;2(3):419-422

Author:Donald Christian, Manish Kathad, Bharat Bhavsar

Keywords:post menopausal women, socio-demographic profile, rural area, menopause, menopausal symptoms.

Type:Original Article

A Study on Status of Empowerment of Women in Jamnagar District,2011;2(3):423-428

Author:Yadav Sudha B, Vadera Bhavin, Mangal Abha D, Patel Neha A, Shah Harsh D

Keywords:women empowerment, domestic violence, participation in financial decision

Type:Original Article

Pattern of Ocular Morbidity in School Children in Central India,2011;2(3):429-431

Author:Harpal Singh

Keywords:Refractive error, Night blindness, Cataract and Trachoma.

Type:Original Article

A Study on the Knowledge of Tetanus Immunization Among Internees in A Government Medical College of Kolkata,2011;2(3):432-439

Author:Ranadip Chowdhury, Abhijit Mukherjee, Saibendu Kr Lahiri

Keywords:Tetanus, internees, immunization, knowledge, wound

Type:Original Article

Specificity and Sensitivity for Malaria Detection by Rapid (Parahit) Detection Test and Microscopic Method,2011;2(3):440-442

Author:Pankaj P. Taviad, T.B. Javdekar, Bhavna A. Selot, Vipul P. Chaudhari

Keywords:Malaria detection, Specificity and sensitivity of rapid test, ParaHIT

Type:Original Article

Magnitude and Leading Sites of Cancer in A Tertiary Cancer Care Hospital of Western Maharashtra,2011;2(3):443-447

Author:Kapil H Agrawal, S.S. Rajderkar

Keywords:Magnitude, Leading sites, Cancer, Western Maharashtra

Type:Original Article