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Assessment of Medical Certificate of Cause of Death at a New Teaching Hospital in Vadodara,2011;2(3):349-353

Author:Amul B. Patel, Hitesh Rathod, Himanshu Rana, Viren Patel

Keywords:Key-words: Death certificate, MCCD, Major error, Minor error, mortality statistics, ICD

Type:Original Article

Evaluation of Conventional and Serological Methods for Rapid Diagnosis of Cryptococcal Meningitis in HIV Seropositive Patients at Tertiary Care Hospital,2011;2(3):354-357

Author:Shah Hetal S, Patel Disha A, Vegad Mahendra M

Keywords:Cryptococcal meningitis, HIV, crypyptococcosis.

Type:Original Article

Adverse Reactions Following Influenza Vaccination among Health Care Personnel at Govt. Medical College, Miraj – a Longitudinal Study,2011;2(3):358-361

Author:Jayashree Dayanand Naik, S.S. Rajderkar, Kriti A Patel, Sanjay K Jathar

Keywords:Influenza Vaccination, Health Care personnel, adverse reactions

Type:Original Article

Social Class Differentiation and Its Impact on Quality of Life Among Diabetic Patients,2011;2(3):362-365

Author:Rohin Rameswarapu, Trupti N Bodhare, Samir D Bele, Sameer Valsangkar

Keywords:Diabetes, quality of life, social classification

Type:Original Article

Persuade Mothers in Post Natal Ward for Timely Initiation of Breastfeeding,2011;2(3):366-370

Author:Mamtarani, Ratan K Srivastava, B.Divakar

Keywords:Timely initiation, breast feeding, postnatal ward, urban area

Type:Original Article

Investigation of A Cholera Outbreak in Kanpur Village of Panchmahal, Gujarat,2011;2(3):371-373

Author:Shroff Bhavesh D, Mazumdar Vihang S

Keywords:Cholera, outbreaks, local vendor

Type:Original Article

An Investigation on Measles Out Break in Navagam Village of Surendranagar District of Gujarat, India in 2008,2011;2(3):374-377

Author:Jaydip R Oza, Mallika Chavada, Jagruti Prajapati

Keywords:measles outbreak, measles vaccination, measles

Type:Original Article