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Integrating Human Immune Deficiency Virus (HIV) Testing with General Health System (GHS) Through the Model of Facility Integrated Counseling and Testing Centre (F ICTC),2012;3(3):364-367

Author:Pradeep Kumar


Type:Editorial/Guest Editorial

Morbidity Profile of Stone Crusher Workers with Special Reference to Respiratory Morbidity – A Cross Sectional Study,2012;3(3):368-371

Author:Narkhede Vinod, Likhar Swarna, Mishra Mahesh K

Keywords:Morbidity, Stone crusher, PEFR

Type:Original Article

A Case Control Study to Elucidate Maternal Determinants of Intra Uterine Growth Retardation in a Tertiary Care Hospital of Sagar City of Madhya Pradesh,2012;3(3):372-374

Author:Pandey Shikha , Pandey Ramesh

Keywords:Intra Uterine Growth Retardation, Neonate, haemoglobin, pregnency

Type:Original Article

Seropositive Individuals: Socio-Behavioural Profile and Utilization of Integrated Counselling and Testing Centre Services,2012;3(3):375-380

Author:Naik Poonam R, Nirgude Abhay S, Nagaraj K, Vellanki Venkata S, Prasad V G, Takalkar Anant

Keywords:Integrated Counseling and Testing Centre, seropositive individuals, PLWHA, linkages, referral

Type:Original Article

Assessment of Knowledge and Attitude of Antenatal Mothers Towards Breastfeeding,2012;3(3):381-384

Author:Nigam Richa, Sinha Umesh

Keywords:Antenatal, Exclusive breastfeeding.

Type:Original Article

Women Literacy and Infant Feeding Practices in Rural Integrated Child Development Scheme (ICDS) Block of Delhi,2012;3(3):385-390

Author:Davey Sanjeev , Davey Anuradha

Keywords:Anganwadi centre (AWC), Mother’s literacy and working status, Child Malnutrition.

Type:Original Article

A Study on Coverage Evaluation, Compliance and Awareness of Mass Drug Administration for Elimination of Lymphatic Filariasis in Osmanabad District,2012;3(3):391-394

Author:Godale Lata B, Ukarande Balaji V

Keywords:Mass drug administration, Lymphatic filariasis coverage, compliance

Type:Original Article