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Epidemiological Study of Road Traffic Accident Cases attending Tertiary Care Hospital in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh,2012;3(3):395-399

Author:Khare Neeraj, Gupta Sanjay K, Varshney Atul, Athavale AV

Keywords:Road traffic accidents, Epidemiological factors, Out come, Bhopal MP

Type:Original Article

Study of School Environment and Prevalence of Obesity & Its Predictors among Adolescent (10-13 Years) Belonging to a Private School in an Urban Indian City,2012;3(3):400-407

Author:Mehan Meenakshi, Munshi Aparna, Surabhi Somila, Bhatt Trushna, Kantharia Neha

Keywords:School health, adolescents, health promotion

Type:Original Article

A Study to Assess the Availability of Basic Facilities for Inmates in Geriatric Home, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India,2012;3(3):408-413

Author:Banker Kavita , Prajapati Bipin , Kedia Geeta

Keywords:Cross sectional study, Basic facilities, and Geriatric homes.

Type:Original Article

Vitamin B12 Status in a Tertiary Care Center in Central Gujarat,2012;3(3):414-416

Author:Andrews Liggy, Tintu Thomas , Haridas Nambudiri

Keywords:Vitamin B12 levels, Vegetarians

Type:Original Article

Knowledge and Awareness about HIV/AIDS among Women of Reproductive Age in a District of Northern India,2012;3(3):417-422

Author:Singh Arun, Khan Swati, Chaudhary Varsha, Narula Kusum, Zaidi Zeashan Haider, Pandey Amiya

Keywords:Knowledge, Awareness, HIV, AIDS, Reproductive age

Type:Original Article

Epidemiological Investigation on Rabies Deaths in Berasia Block, Bhopal,2012;3(3):423-427

Author:Mishra Brajendra

Keywords:Rabies, Sylvatic cycle, Exposure Categorization, Post Exposure Prophylaxis

Type:Original Article

Awareness about Biomedical Waste Management in Undergraduate Medical and Nursing Students at a Teaching Institute in Vizianagaram, Andhra Pradesh,2012;3(3):428-432

Author:Ukey Ujwala U, Kambatla Ramasankaram, Dash Satyanarayan, Naidu NR Appajirao, Kulkarni Ved P

Keywords:Biomedical waste, awareness, undergraduate, medical, nursing

Type:Original Article