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Nutritional Profile of Medical Students of Tripura and its Impact on their Health,2013;4(3):407-412

Author:Shishir Kumar, Asha Kumari

Keywords:Nutritional Status, Energy Deficiency, Medical Students, Tripura.

Type:Original Article

Effect of Short Term Community Based Intervention to Reduce the Prevalence of Under Nutrition in Under-five Children,2013;4(3):413-417

Author:Vishal Jamra, Vishal Bankwar

Keywords:under nutrition, under-5, education intervention, de-worming

Type:Original Article

Demographic Characteristics and Reproductive Profile of Pregnant Women in Jamnagar District,2013;4(3):418-423

Author:Sumit V Unadkat, Sudha Yadav, J P Mehta, Dipesh V Parmar, Kishor M Dhaduk

Keywords:Age at marriage, age at first conception, Inter Pregnancy Interval, parity

Type:Original Article

A Descriptive Study on Determinant Factors of Females Who Accepted Sterilization iIn Rural Va-dodara,2013;4(3):424-427

Author:Niraj B Pandit, Tushar A Patel

Keywords:Sterilization, Rural, Contraception, Family planning, Knowledge

Type:Original Article

An Evaluation of Logistic Management of Vaccines in Anand District,2013;4(3):428-432

Author:Tushar A Patel, Rakesh M Patel

Keywords:Logistic Management, Vaccines, Evaluation

Type:Original Article

Consanguineous Marriages and Reproductive Behaviour: A Study from Vidarbha Region of Maharashtra,2013;4(3):433-438

Author:Venkatramana K Sonkar, Uday W Narlawar, Ismail Ali F Inamdar, Mohan K Doibale

Keywords:consanguineous marriage, parental consanguinity, reproductive outcome.

Type:Original Article

Behavioural Risk Factors for Non Communicable Disease among Rural Adults in Andra Pradesh,2013;4(3):439-442

Author:Trupti N Bodhare, Kanchi Venkatesh, Samir Bele, Gali Kashiram, Sujata Devi, Achanta Vivekanand

Keywords:Behavioral Risk Factor, Non Communicable Disease, Rural Area

Type:Original Article