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Anthropometric and Hypertensive Profile of Adolescents of Surat City: A Cross Sectional Study,2014;5(3):262-265

Author:Shailee Vyas, Mohua Moitra, Vipul P Chaudhari, S L Kantharia

Keywords:Adolescent, BMI, WHR, Hypertension

Type:Original Article

Impact of Educational Status of Parents on Nutritional Status of Adolescent Girls: A Cross Sectional Study,2014;5(3):266-269

Author:Sujit K Singh, Gagan Garg, Sanjeev Davey, Santosh Kumar Raghav, Khursheed Muzammil, Jai Vir Singh

Keywords:Adolescent girls, malnutrition, parental education

Type:Original Article

Distribution of Sickle Cell Gene in Korku Tribe of Central India,2014;5(3):270-272

Author:Arun U Deore, Subhash B Zade

Keywords:Sickle cell disease, Korku, central India, homozygous, heterozygous

Type:Original Article

Prevalence of Intestinal Parasites Infestation in Surat City of South Gujarat. A Hospital Based Study,2014;5(3):273-275

Author:Mandakini M Patel, Prashant R Patel, Bhavna Gamit, Jigna Modi, Suresh Padsala

Keywords:Intestinal Parasites, Protozoa, Helminthes, Stool Examination

Type:Original Article

Maternal Factors Associated with Nutritional Status of 1-5 years Children Residing in Field Practice Area of Rural Health Training Centre Naila, Jaipur (Rajasthan) India,2014;5(3):283-287

Author:Lokesh Sonkaria, Afifa Zafer, Kusum Lata Gaur, Ravindra Kumar Manohar

Keywords:Nutritional status, Maternal factors, Spacing, Under fives

Type:Original Article

Evaluation of Cold Chain Practices in Urban Health Centers of a Metro City in India,2014;5(3):288-292

Author:Lalitha Krishnappa, Arvind B Anniappan, Narayana H Voderhobli, Shantha Kumar Krishna, Sudarshana Yathiraj, Pruthvish Sreekantaiah

Keywords:Cold chain, Ice lined refrigerator, Deep freezers, Urbanhealth centers, India

Type:Original Article

A Study on Clinical Features and Cost Incurred by Dengue Syndrome Patients Admitted to a Tertiary Care Hospital,2014;5(3):293-295

Author:Sathish Chandra MR, Ashwath Narayana DH, Manjunath M

Keywords:dengue syndrome, direct cost, indirect cost

Type:Original Article