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Demographic Determinants of Maternal “Near-Miss” Cases in Rural Uttarakhand,2014;5(3):329-332

Author:Ravleen Kaur Bakshi, Debabrata Roy, Pradeep Aggarwal, Ruchira Nautiyal, Rakesh Kakkar

Keywords:Maternal Near Miss; Potentially Life Threatening Conditions; Demography; India

Type:Original Article

Application of the “Rule of Halves” for Hypertension as an Assessment Tool in an Urban Slum at Davangere,2014;5(3):333-336

Author:Varadaraja Rao BA, Arun Daniel J

Keywords:Hypertension, Rule of halves, assessment tool

Type:Original Article

Socio Demographic and Clinical Profile of HIV Positive Antenatal Women Registered in PPTCT Centres, Surat, Gujarat,2014;5(3):337-341

Author:Grishma Chauhan, Anupam Verma, R.K.Bansal, Rachana Prasad

Keywords:Antenatal, ART, PPTCT

Type:Original Article

Effect of Antenatal Exercise on Outcome of Labor,2014;5(3):342-345

Author:AK Khatri, Suraj Sirohi, Sanjay Dixit, Shailesh Rai, Dhruvendra Pandey

Keywords:Antenatal exercise, Pregnancy, birth weight, urinary incontinence, Caesarean section

Type:Original Article

Are Urban Slum Dwellers Aware About Tuberculosis? – A Cross Sectional Study in Surat City,2014;5(3):346-348

Author:Hetvi D Mahida, Kavin N Shroff, Tanvi D Kesur, N B Patel

Keywords:Urban slum, tuberculosis, cough, hemoptysis, awareness

Type:Original Article

Exclusive Breastfeeding Practices among Postnatal Mothers: How Exclusive are they?,2014;5(3):276-279

Author:Mohan P Joshi, Pushpa M Durge, Shams Khan, Samina M Ausvi

Keywords:Exclusive breastfeeding, postnatal mothers, Health education

Type:Original Article

Perception regarding gender bias in tribal community of Tapi district of South Gujarat, Western India,2014;5(3):280-282

Author:Amit Patel, Fenil Patel, Prakash Patel, N B Patel, R. K. Bansal

Keywords:Female foeticide, gender bias, tribal population, pre-natal sex determination

Type:Original Article