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Assessment of Vaccine Wastage in a Tertiary Care Centre of District Rohtak, Haryana,2015;6(3):292-296

Author:Vikas Gupta,Debjyoti Mohapatra, Vijay Kumar

Keywords:Vaccine wastage rate, BCG, polio, pentavalent, Hep-B, measles

Type:Original Article

Postnatal Depression among Women Attending A Rural Maternity Hospital in South India,2015;6(3):297-301

Author:Suguna A, Naveen R, Surekha A

Keywords:Postnatal depression, EPDS, rural women, South India

Type:Original Article

Pattern of Tobacco and Alcohol Use among Elderly Population in a Rural Area of Andhra Pradesh, India,2015;6(3):302-306

Author:Sharvanan E Udayar, Praveen B Ashok, Arun D , Sai Sravan

Keywords:Tobacco use, alcohol use, elderly, rural, pattern

Type:Original Article

Diagnostic and Treatment Protocol Adopted by Private Practitioners of Surat City for Drug Resistant Tuberculosis Patients,2015;6(3):307-312

Author:Prakash B Patel, Jayesh J Rana, R K Bansal

Keywords:Private Practitioners, Drug resistant TB, Diagnostic and treatment protocols

Type:Original Article

Screening for Anxiety among Antenatal Women Attending a Taluk Hospital in Rural India,2015;6(3):313-317

Author:Chris Zacharias Thomas, Surekha A., Suguna A. , Kurian Jose Puthur, Pretesh Kiran, Sulekha T.

Keywords:Antenatal anxiety, PASS scale, Rural India

Type:Original Article

Child Care Services for Three to Six Years Old Children in Urban Anganwadi’s in Kozhikode Corporation in Kerala –An Evaluation Study,2015;6(3):318-322

Author:Sivakumar, Thomas Bina, Deepika

Keywords:Supplementary nutrition, Preschool education, Health checkups, Referral services, Immunisation, Health education

Type:Original Article

Catastrophic Health Expenditure amongst People Living with HIV/AIDS Availing Antiretroviral Treatment Services at Two Tertiary Care Health Facilities in District of Northern India,2015;6(3):323-328

Author:Mukesh Shukla, Monika Agarwal, Jai Vir Singh, Anil Kumar Tripathi, Anand Kumar Srivastava, Vijay Kumar Singh

Keywords:PLHA (People living with HIV/AIDS), Antiretroviral Therapy, Out-of-pocket expenditure, Catastrophic health expenditure

Type:Original Article