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A Cross Sectional Study of Behavior Disorders In 6-15 Years Age Group in Rural Area,2015;6(3):364-369

Author:Kirti C Rasote, Alka D Gore, Usha Ranganathan

Keywords:behavioral disorders, rural population, awareness

Type:Original Article

Awareness of Eye Diseases and Satisfaction for Eye Care Services in Indore, India,2015;6(3):370-373

Author:Kausar Vaseem, Vaseem Naheed Baig, Puja Rai, Madhusudan Swarnkar

Keywords:Preventable blindness; eye diseases; awareness; eye care services

Type:Original Article

Menstrual Health of Adolescent Girls in Surat City – A Cross Sectional Study,2015;6(3):374-378

Author:Shailee Vyas, Mohua Moitra, Vipul Chaudhari

Keywords:Menarchae, prior information, treatment seeking behaviour

Type:Original Article

Does investing in professional development coaching for nurses help contribute to their better functioning in the hospital?,2015;6(3):379-384

Author:Naveen Ramesh, Dhanya John

Keywords:Hospital, nursing, professional development

Type:Original Article

Assessment of Prevalence of Diabetes among Rural Population of Pune District, India,2015;6(3):385-389

Author:Ritesh P Kundap, Kshama B Vidhate, Kevin Fernandez

Keywords:Indian diabetes risk score, Prevalence, Risk factors

Type:Original Article

Short-Term Effects of Isotonic Handgrip Exercise on Cardiovascular Autonomic Reactivity in Healthy Young Adolescents,2015;6(3):390-393

Author:Nileshkumar H Patel, Hasmukh D Shah, Wasim A Shaikh, Sushil K Singh

Keywords:Isotonic Handgrip Exercise Regime, Cardiovascular Autonomic Reactivity, Normotensive, Adolescents

Type:Original Article

Depression among the Elderly: A Cross Sectional Study In A Rural Community of South India,2015;6(3):394-397

Author:Poonam Ramesh Naik, Abhay Subhashrao Nirgude

Keywords:Depression, elderly, socio –demographic variables

Type:Original Article