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A study on Personal Hygiene of school going and non-school going children in Ahmedabad district, Gujarat,2015;6(3):437-441

Author:Ashish Chaudhari, Sohil Mansuri, Anoop Singh, Niti Talsania

Keywords:Personal Hygiene, Non-school, Children

Type:Original Article

Intrapartum Amnioinfusion in Meconium Stained Amniotic Fluid- A Randomized Control Study In a Tertiary Care Hospital,2015;6(3):442-444

Author:Ashvin D Vachhani, Jitesh M Shah, Garima S Goel, Meghana N Mehta, Archish I Desai, Malati T Dalal

Keywords:Intrapartum amnioinfusion, me-conium stained amniotic fluid, meconium aspiration syndrome, randomized control study

Type:Original Article

Evaluation of Self-medication among Urban Population of Paldi area, Ahmedabad,2015;6(3):445-448

Author:Rakesh Shah, Vaibhav Ramanuj, D V Bala

Keywords:Self-medication, Knowledge, Drug

Type:Original Article

Prevalence of Anaemia and Visual Impairment among School going Adolescents of Patan City, Gujarat : A Cross Sectional Study,2015;6(3):449-451

Author:Sunil Nayak, Nilesh Thakor, Rajendra Gadhavi

Keywords:School health, Adolescents health, Anaemia, Visual Impairment

Type:Original Article