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Behavioral Risk Factors for Non-Communicable Diseases among Adult Population: A Cross Sectional Study from Urban Slums of Central Karnataka, India,2018;9(3):220-224

Author:Richa Garg, Shubha Davalagi

Keywords:Non Communicable Diseases, behavioralrisk factors, adults, urban

Type:Original Article

Knowledge, Attitude and Practices Study for Sexuality in Adolescent Age Group in Various Schools of Metropolitan City of Central India,2018;9(3):225-230

Author:V P Goswami, Shailesh Rai

Keywords:Adolescent, Sexuality, Knowledge, Attitude, Practices

Type:Original Article

Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Modern Contraceptives (especially Spacing Methods) in Acceptors and Non-acceptors of Tubectomy,2018;9(3):231-235

Author:Devidas T Khedkar, Jyoti Landge, Girish Thite, Amitav Banarjee

Keywords:Tubectomy, acceptor, non-acceptor, knowledge, attitude, practice.

Type:Original Article

Assessment of Oral Hygiene Awareness among College Students in Surat City,2018;9(3):236-239

Author:Kinner Desai, Sugnesh Patel

Keywords:Oral Hygiene, College Students, Awareness, Practices, Dental

Type:Original Article