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Health Problems in Schoolchildren Due to Backpacks: A Cross Sectional Study in Two Schools of a Town in North Karnataka,2018;9(3):182-186

Author:Ayesha Nawaz, Swetha Rajeshwari, Bheemayya Badesab

Keywords:School children, backpacks, health problems, pain

Type:Original Article

Prevalence of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Among Female Students: A Cross-Sectional Study,2018;9(3):187-191

Author:Ranjini Nanjaiah, Roopadevi V

Keywords:Polycystic ovarian syndrome; Female Students; Prevalence; Exercise

Type:Original Article

Appraisal of Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Menstruation among Rural and Urban Adolescent Girls of District Bareilly,2018;9(3):192-198

Author:Priyanka Kumar, Sumit Saxena, Danish Imtiaz

Keywords:Adolescence, Menstruation, Knowledge, Attitude, Practices

Type:Original Article

Study on the Pattern of Tobacco Usage among the Residents of an Urban Area in Raichur and Factors Influencing Their Intention to Quit Tobacco,2018;9(3):199-203

Author:Ayesha Siddique Nawaz, Swetha Rajeshwari, Bheemayya Badesab

Keywords:Tobacco use, smoking, smokeless tobacco, intention to quit, pictorial warning

Type:Original Article

Child to Parent Education in Prevention of Acute Diarrheal Diseases in Rural Schoolunder Rural Health Training Centre,2018;9(3):204-210

Author:Anirudha V Mutalik, Vaishali V Raje

Keywords:Acute Diarrhoeal Disease, Attitude Knowledge, Mothers, Practice

Type:Original Article

Awareness Regarding Breast Cancer and Its Screening Methods among Women of the Reproductive Age Group in Rural Coastal Karnataka,2018;9(3):211-215

Author:Nischith KR, Navya N, Ramesh Naik Poonam

Keywords:Breast cancer, Awareness, breast self examination, mammography

Type:Original Article

Magnitude and Factors Influencing Diarrhea among Under-5 Children in Rural Areas of Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh,2018;9(3):216-219

Author:Ravi M Rajegowda, Bharatesh D Basti, Janakiraman Pichandi, Sindhu L, Avinash R Bharani

Keywords:prevalence, diarrhea, Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh

Type:Original Article