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Effect of Life Style Risk Factors on Prevalence of Hypertension in A Defined Urban Population of Rewa,2012;3(4):570-575

Author:Sandeep Singh, Deepak Kumar Dubey, S S Kushwah, Meena Patel

Keywords:: Hypertension, Lifestyle factors, Obesity, Tobacco, Smoking, Alcohol

Type:Original Article

A Study of Knowledge, Attitudes and Practice of Emergency Contraceptive Pills among Female College Students in Udaipur, Rajasthan,2012;3(4):576-580

Author:Arun Kumar, Keerti, Chandra P Sharma, Chetan K Jain

Keywords:Emergency contraceptive pills, knowledge, attitude

Type:Original Article

Impact of Media and Education on Food Practices in Urban Area of Varanasi,2012;3(4):581-588

Author:Bhatt Shuchi R, Bhatt Sheeendra M, Singh Anita

Keywords:Food choice, food adulteration, food practices

Type:Original Article

Epidemiology of Needle Sticks Injuries among The Health Care Workers of a Rural Tertiary Care Hospital -A Cross-sectional Study,2012;3(4):589-594

Author:Radha R, Asif Khan

Keywords:NSI (needle stick injuries), HCW (Health care workers), awareness, PEP (post exposure prophylaxis)

Type:Original Article

A Study on Prevalence of Life-Style Diseases and Its Risk Factors in Urban Area of Jamnagar City,2012;3(4):595-600

Author:Kishor M Sochaliya, Dipesh V Parmar, Sudha B Yadav

Keywords:Life-style disease, socio-demographic profile, NCD, GLV, sedentary habits, type A Personality

Type:Original Article

Socio-Demographic Determinants and Morbidity Profile of People Engaged in Bag Making Occupation in an Urban Slum of Mumbai, India,2012;3(4):601-606

Author:Purushottam A Giri, Pawan V Meshram, Abhiram M Kasbe

Keywords:Bag makers, morbidity profile, occupational hazards, cross-sectional study

Type:Original Article

Profile of Cancer Cases at a Tertiary Care Level Teaching Hospital in Rural Western Maharashtra, India,2012;3(4):607-611

Author:Jayant D Deshpande , Kailash K Singh , Deepak B Phalke

Keywords:Cancer, profile, rural area

Type:Original Article