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Consanguinity and Pregnancy Outcome among Rural Pregnant Women of Belgaum District,2012;3(4):681-684

Author:Chandra S Metgud , Vijaya A Naik , Maheshwar D Mallapur

Keywords:Consanguinity, Pregnancy outcome, Rural, Pregnant women, Abortions, Stillbirths

Type:Original Article

Awareness and Knowledge on Eye Donation among Students at Bhopal,2012;3(4):685-689

Author:Sanjeev Kumar, Uma S Shukla, Prakash Agarwal

Keywords:eye donation, students, medical, paramedical, nursing, awareness, knowledge, corneal transplantation

Type:Original Article

Vector Control and Personal Protection Measures Practiced at Household Level by Tribal and Non-Tribal Communities in a Rural Area of Kamrup District, Assam,2012;3(4):690-696

Author:Purabi Phukan

Keywords:DDT; Malaria; Tribal; ITNs; LLINs; Vector control; personal protection

Type:Original Article

A Study of Post M.B.B.S. Life Perceptions among Recently Graduating Doctors in Surat City,2012;3(4):697-699

Author:Kanan T. Desai, Vinesh Shah, Danish B Kanpurwala, Ravi A Jariwala, Rk Bansal

Keywords:Post M.B.B.S., Recent graduates, Life perceptions, Satisfaction

Type:Original Article

Spirometry and X-Ray Findings in Cases of Interstitial Lung Diseases,2012;3(4):700-702

Author:Ashok Gagiya, Ankur Patel, Gautam Bhagat, Vipul Bhadiyadra, Khusbu Patel, Pratik Patel

Keywords:: interstitial lung disease, pulmonary function test, spirometry.

Type:Original Article

Study of Risk Factors of Perinatal Death in Pregnancy Induced Hypertension (PIH),2012;3(4):703-707

Author:Mehul T Parmar, Harsha M Solanki, Vibha V Gosalia

Keywords:Pregnancy induced Hypertension, Risk Factors, Perinatal Death

Type:Original Article

A Study of Metastatic Lesion of Lymph Node by Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology,2012;3(4):708-710

Author:Kirti M Rathod, Smita A Shah

Keywords:Metastatic lesions, squamous cell carcinoma, Fine needle aspiration cytology.

Type:Original Article