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Prospective Study of Epidural Steroids for Low Back Pain in Orthopaedic Department of A Tertiary Care Hospital in Surat City,2012;3(4):740-743

Author:Rajendra Mehta, Janak Rathod, Devendra Narang, Rupani Mihir

Keywords:Epidural steroids, low back pain

Type:Original Article

Dissemination of Realities: Need for Dispelling The Myths of Tetanus,2012;3(4):744-747

Author:Mohan Joshi, Raghvendra Gumashta, Nb Kasturwar, Amit Deshpande

Keywords:carpo-pedal; monovalent; neonatal; neurological; hypocalcaemia; otogenic; tetany

Type:Original Article

Some Basic Application of Bio-Statistics in Bio-Medical Research,2012;3(4):748-749

Author:Swati Patel, Prakash Patel, Rk Bansal

Keywords:Biostatistics, Statistical Test, Bio medical Research

Type:Short Communication

Medical Education, Training and Patient Care From The Lens of Resident,2012;3(4):750-753

Author:Ruchi Sachdeva, Sandeep Sachdeva

Keywords:MEdical Education, training, patient care

Type:Short Communication

Dental Composites: Past, Present and Future,2012;3(4):754-756

Author:Amit Patodiya, Mithra N Hegde

Keywords:composite, fillers, polymerization shrinkage

Type:Short Communication

Postpartum Cerebral Angiopathy With Subarachnoid Bleed – A Diagnostic Dilemma?,2012;3(4):757-758

Author:Kunta Srinivasulu, Mudgalkar Nikhil N

Keywords:Cerebral Angiopathy, Subarachnoid bleed

Type:Letter to Editor

Rural Internship to Medical Graduates: Pros and Cons,2012;3(4):759-759

Author:Binita Desai, Naresh Godara

Keywords:Internship, Medical Graduates

Type:Letter to Editor