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Child Sex Ratio and It’s Socio-Demographic Correlates: A Cross Sectional Study in an Urban Area of Eastern Maharashtra,2013;4(4):618-620

Author:Mamta K Shewte, Smita P Andurkar

Keywords:Child sex ratio, urban, birth order, India.

Type:Original Article

Correlates of Delayed immunization: A cross sectional study at a tertiary care centre of Maharashtra, India,2013;4(4):621-623

Author:Vimal M Holambe, Namrata A Thakur

Keywords:immunization, timeliness, correlates, infants.

Type:Original Article

Late Reporting Among Newly Registered Patients for Anti Retroviral Therapy in a Central District Ujjain, India,2013;4(4):624-627

Author:Vidit Khandelwal, Yogesh D Sabde, Riddhi Pradhan, Mehta Chandra Sathsh

Keywords:People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLHA), clinical profile, Antiretroviral Therapy (ART).

Type:Original Article

Breast Feeding: Practices and Determinants in Rural Area of West Tripura District of India,2013;4(4):628-631

Author:Himadri Bhattacharjya, Shampa Das, Chanda Mog, Sukanta Bhowmik

Keywords:Breast feeding, Colostrum, Prelacteal feeding, Tripura.

Type:Original Article

Social Networking Media: Going One Step Ahead for Smoking Awareness and IEC,2013;4(4):632-635

Author:Bansari Chawada, A P Kadia, J K Kosambiya, S L Kantharia

Keywords:Social Networking Websites, Facebook, Tobacco, Smoking, Youth

Type:Original Article

A Step Forward Toward Controlling Leptospirosis: Comprehensive and Collective Efforts,2013;4(4):636-639

Author:Megha Mehta, Prakash Patel, N B Patel, Vaibhav Gharat, R K Bansal

Keywords:Leptospirosis, secondary prevention, early detection

Type:Original Article

Pubertal Changes in Adolescent Girls: A Community Based Cross -Sectional Study,2013;4(4):640-643

Author:Lata R Kollur, Asha K Pratinidhi; Satish V Kakade

Keywords:Adolescent, Puberty, Menarche, hygiene, menstruation

Type:Original Article