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Educational Interventional Programme to Make Lectures Effective by Pre-Hand Distribution of Multiple Choice Questions,2013;4(4):644-646

Author:Manish Nigam, Richa Nigam, Sonia Tiwari, Sukhwant Bose

Keywords:Conventional lectures, problem based learning, MCQ

Type:Original Article

Study of Community and Nosocomial Uropathogens and Their Drug Resistance,2013;4(4):647-652

Author:Smita U Shevade, Gopal N Agrawal

Keywords:Uropathogen, drug resistance, community-acquired UTI, nosocomial UTI

Type:Original Article

Coverage and Compliance of Mass Drug Administration for Elimination of Lymphatic Filariasis in Endemic Areas of Sagar and Damoh Districts, Madhya Pradesh,2013;4(4):653-657

Author:Arvind Sharma, P K Kasar

Keywords:Mass drug administration, Lymphatic filariasis, Diethylcar-bamazine, Coverage, compliance

Type:Original Article

Work Related Musculoskeletal Disorders among Unskilled Indian Women Construction Workers,2013;4(4):658-661

Author:Neeraja Telaprolu, Bhanwar Lal, Swarochish Chekuri

Keywords:Construction workers, Work related musculoskeletal symp-toms, coping strategies

Type:Original Article

Sex-Ratio at Birth in Puducherry: Need for Concern,2013;4(4):662-663

Author:Sonali Sarkar, Vinayagamoorthy V, Ganesh Kumar Saya, Subitha Lakshminarayanan

Keywords:Sex ratio at birth

Type:Letter to Editor

Hypertension among Elderly in Slum: A Neglected Issue,2013;4(4):664-666

Author:Venkatesh Govindasamy, Ravishekar N Hiremath, Sarvesh Kohli, Vijay Kumar Bhatti, Raj Kumar, Ajoy Mahen

Keywords:Hypertension, elderly, slum, awareness, prevalence

Type:Original Article

Information Communication Technology and Academic Improvement,2013;4(4):667-668

Author:S K Sharma

Keywords:Information, Communication, Technology, Academic

Type:Short Communication