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Adverse Pregnancy Outcome As a Result of Anaemia and Hyperglycaemia With Special Focus on Time of Registration and Weight Gain During Pregnancy.,2014;5(4):447 - 452

Author:Shakila Mulla, Sulabha Akarte, Ranjit Mankeshwar, Shakeel Ansari

Keywords:Anaemia during pregnancy, GDM, Weight gain during pregnancy

Type:Original Article

Profile of HIV Positive Antenatal Women in Tertiary Care Hospital in Surat City.,2014;5(4):453 - 456

Author:Pratixa Z Chaudhari, Jigisha U Chauhan, Satyanarayan A Congathi

Keywords:HIV, ANC, Prevalence

Type:Original Article

Compliance to Iron Supplementation Among Pregnant Women: a Cross Sectional Study in Urban Slum.,2014;5(4):457 - 462

Author:Alpanarani J Dutta, Prakash Patel, R K Bansal

Keywords:Compliance, Iron folic acid supplementation, Pregnant women

Type:Original Article

Epidemiological and Microbiological Profile of Patient’s Having Microbial Keratitis.,2014;5(4):463 - 467

Author:Saurabh Patel, Akshay M Chaudhari, Trupti M Solu, Vaibhav Gharat

Keywords:Microbial keratitis, corneal scraping, ocular

Type:Original Article

Prevalence of Microalbuminuria As a Marker of incipient Nephropathy in Type 2 Diabetes Patients At SMIMER Hospital, Surat.,2014;5(4):468 - 473

Author:Vilas U. Chavan, DVSS Ramavataram, Kinjal L. Miyani, Hasit D. Lad, S.D. Nilakhe

Keywords:Type 2 Diabetes mellitus, Microalbuminuria, Nephropathy, Prevalence, Lipid profile

Type:Original Article

Analysis of Treatment Outcome of Superficial Tuberculous Lymphadenitis on The Basis of Cytomorphological Features.,2014;5(4):474 - 479

Author:Nilesh C Dutt, Anil M Gupta

Keywords:Tuberculosis, tuberculous lymphadenitis, outcome, treatment failure

Type:Original Article

SWOC (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Challenges) Analysis of Child Malnutrition Treatment Centre (CMTC), Mahuva Block, Surat District,2014;5(4):480 - 485

Author:Manan J Patel, Prakash B Patel, R K Bansal

Keywords:Malnutrition, CMTC, Mission Balam Sukham

Type:Original Article