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Socio-Demographic Factors affecting the Treatment Outcome in Patients of Tuberculosis,2015;6(4):609-613

Author:Pooja Sadana, Tejbir Singh, S S Deepti

Keywords:Socio-demographic factors, Treatment outcome, DOTS

Type:Original Article

Practice and Significance of Iron Folic Acid Supplementation in Post-Partum Women Attending a Tertiary Care Hospital in Southern Rajasthan,2015;6(4):614-617

Author:Yogesh Kumar Singhal, Chandan Mal Fatehpuriya, Rekha Bhatnagar, Rohit Jain, Kathiravan Rajendran, Pratap Bhan Kaushik

Keywords:anemia, haemoglobin, postpartum, iron folic acid

Type:Original Article

Impact of Breast Feeding and Weaning Practices Associated with Morbidity in Rural Area of Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India: A Community Based Longitudinal Study,2015;6(4):618-621

Author:Rakhee Verma, Pankaj Gupta

Keywords:Breast feeding /weaning practices, Morbidity, Rural area, Ghaziabad

Type:Original Article

Smokeless Tobacco Use & Anaemia among Pregnant Women in Karad taluk Western Maharashtra: A cross sectional study,2015;6(4):622-625

Author:Praveen Ganganahalli, Asha Pratinidhi, Jyotsna A Patil, Satish V Kakade

Keywords:Mishri, Anaemia, Cotinine, Correlation

Type:Original Article

A Study of Protein Energy Malnutrition with respect to Breast Feeding Practices in Less than Six Year Children,2015;6(4):626-628

Author:Balaji V Ukarande, Ajit S Nagaonkar

Keywords:Malnutrition, Breast feeding, hygiene, feeding practices, weaning practices

Type:Original Article

Hearing Impairment and its Correlates among Newborns at Tertiary Care Hospital of Surat,2015;6(4):629-632

Author:Rajnikant Patel, Rajesh Goyani, Dhwani Patel

Keywords:Hearing impairment, new born, OAE (otoacoustic emissions examination), NICU

Type:Original Article

e-Health for All - is India Ready?,2015;6(4):633-638

Author:Soumya Patnaik, Amar Narayan Patnaik

Keywords:e-health, telemedicine, e-medicine

Type:Short Communication