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Role of Demographic Factors with the Level of Treatment Compliance in Directly Observed Short Course Chemotherapy,2016;7(4):269-273

Author:Sonia Tiwari, R R Wavare

Keywords:Demographic factors, compliance, TB, DOTS, Defaulter

Type:Original Article

Stress among Patients during Hospitalization:A Study from Central India,2016;7(4):274-277

Author:Neeraj Chhari, Satish C Mehta

Keywords:Stress, Hospitalization, Factors, India

Type:Original Article

A Study of Colonization with ESBL and Ampc E Coli in Gut of Patients of Tertiary Care Hospital, Ahmedabadq,2016;7(4):278-280

Author:Sachin M. Patel, Nidhi Sood, Parul Patel

Keywords:ESBL, E.coli, AmpC

Type:Original Article

Assessment of Knowledge and Practice about Immunization among Health Care Providers,2016;7(4):281-285

Author:Madhusudan Swarnkar, Vaseem N Baig, Suresh C Soni, Uma S Shukla, Javed Ali

Keywords:Immunization, Vaccination, Health Care Providers, Knowledge, Practices

Type:Original Article

Influence of Breastfeeding Practices on Nutritional Status of Children among Tea Garden Workers,2016;7(4):286-291

Author:Das Netri, Barua Alak

Keywords:Undernutrition; Exclusive breastfeeding; Colostrum feeding; Tea Garden Community; Dibrugarh; Assam

Type:Original Article

Indicators of Nutritional Status among MBBS Students in a Tertiary Care Centre, Indore,2016;7(4):292-297

Author:Madhuri Inamdar, Richa Nigam, Ashfaq Modiwala, Sonia Tiwari , Varsha Singh, Rajshekhar R Wavare

Keywords:BMI, waist circumference, waist hip ratio, Calorie intake

Type:Original Article

A Study on Reasons for Initiation and Frequency of Smoking among Rural Population in Dehradun District of Uttarakhand,2016;7(4):298-301

Author:Danish Imtiaz, Sunit Dutt Kandpal, Ruchi Juyal

Keywords:Tobacco use, Smoking, Peer pressure

Type:Original Article