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Assessment of Mother’s Knowledge and Practices Regarding Adverse Events Following Immunization of Their Children in a Rural Area of Tripura,2017;8(4):159-163

Author:Anjan Datta, Subrata Baidya, Shampa Das, Chanda Mog, Srabani Datta

Keywords:AEFI, knowledge, mothers, rural, Tripura

Type:Original Article

Knowledge and Practice Regarding Prevention and Management of Rabies among Allopathic and Ayush Private Practitioners in Urban Maharashtra: A Comparison Study,2017;8(4):164-168

Author:Shubhalaxmi D Kotnis, Sangita C. Deshmukh

Keywords:Rabies, Post exposure prophylaxis, AYUSH

Type:Original Article

A Study of Morbidity Pattern in Indoor Patients in a Tertiary Care Hospital in Lucknow,2017;8(4):169-173

Author:Deepak Chopra, Shilpi Manchanda, Sakshi Manchanda, Nidhi Jauhari

Keywords:Hospitalization, IPD, Morbidity, Mortality

Type:Original Article

A Study on Gender Preference for the Desired Fertility and Factors Influencing Son Preference in Southern India,2017;8(4):174-177

Author:Marinayakanakoppalu R Ravi, Nagaralu C Ashok

Keywords:Gender, Sex preference, son preference, sex ratio

Type:Original Article

Assessment of Stress and Burnout among Postgraduate Medical Students,2017;8(4):178-182

Author:Chandan N, Mayur S Sherkhane

Keywords:Burnout, MBI-SS, Medical, Postgraduate, PSS-14, Stress

Type:Original Article

Determinants of Primary Infertility among Women of Reproductive Age Group in a Tertiary Care Hospital in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India,2017;8(4):183-187

Author:Lavanya KM Rao, Madhu Keerthi, Nageswara Rao Vutharkar, Usha KM Rani

Keywords:Primary infertility, Women, Reproductive age group

Type:Original Article

A Study on Disease Episodes and the Expenditure Incurred by the Families of an Urban Area of Karnataka,2017;8(4):188-192

Author:Dayalaxmi T Shedole; Panchsheela S Reshmi; Sidramappa S Reshmi; Sneha K Kamble; Nazir AD Bendigiri

Keywords:Disease episodes, health expenditure, urban population

Type:Original Article