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Assessment of 10-Year Risk of Developing a Major Cardiovascular Event in Type-2 Diabetes Patients Attending a Hospital in Davangere, Karnataka,2017;8(4):193-197

Author:Radha Valaulikar, Balu PS, Rohit A Bhat

Keywords:Cardiovascular disease, diabetes, WHO-ISH charts

Type:Original Article

Prevalence of Unmet Need for Family Planning and Its Socio-Demographic Co-Relates in a Rural Area of Etawah,2017;8(4):198-202

Author:Amit Kaushik, Kiran K, Pankaj Kumar Jain, Sushil Kumar Shukla, Anamika Chandra, Ruchi Yadav

Keywords:Family planning, unmet need, reproductive age

Type:Original Article

A Study on Unmet Need of Contraception Among Married Women in Urban Field Practice Area of JJM Medical College, Davangere, Karnataka,2017;8(4):203-207

Author:Ritu Kashyap, Vidya G S, Ruchi Dhar

Keywords:Unmet need, Contraception, Family planning, Awareness

Type:Original Article

A Study on Factors Affecting Vasectomy in Ahmedabad City of Gujarat,2017;8(4):208-212

Author:Bhavna T Puwar, Vaibhavi D Patel, Sheetal Vyas

Keywords:Permanent sterilization, Vasectomy

Type:Original Article