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Cognition among Old Age Population in a Rural Area,2018;9(4):240-244

Author:Pranay A Jadav

Keywords:Cognition, Old age, rural

Type:Original Article

Healthcare Seeking Behavior among Geriatric Women Residing in Urban Resettlement Colony of Delhi,2018;9(4):245-249

Author:Tulika Singh, Seetharamiah Nagesh

Keywords:Elderly, Women, healthcare seeking, Utilization

Type:Original Article

Adherence to Anti-Hypertensive Drugs: A Clinic Based Study among Geriatric Hypertensive Patients in Rural, India,2018;9(4):250-254

Author:Sanjaya Kumar Sahoo, P S Preeti, Dhiraj Biswas

Keywords:hypertension, geriatric, adherence, antihypertensive drugs

Type:Original Article

Factors Affecting Mental Abnormalities among High School Children in Tribal, Rural and Urban Mysuru, Karnataka,2018;9(4):255-259

Author:Pradeep S Tarikere, Prakash B, Praveen Kulkarni, Narayana Murthy

Keywords:Mental abnormalities, Anxiety, Depression, family

Type:Original Article

Assessment of Depression among Adolescent Students of Government Medical and Engineering Colleges, Hassan, Karnataka,2018;9(4):260-265

Author:Subhashini K J, Praveen G, Sundar M

Keywords:Depression, Distress, BDI-II, GHQ-12, Professional courses

Type:Original Article

Health Service Utilisation and Out of Pocket Expenditure Pattern in a Defined Rural Population of Tumkur, India,2018;9(4):266-269

Author:Shwetha TM, Ashok J, Rajesh SS, Rajanna MS

Keywords:Health service utilization, out of pocket expenditure, Universe health coverage, rural population, India

Type:Original Article

A Study on Sociodemographic Factors Affecting the Unmet Need for Contraceptive Usage in a Rural Area,2018;9(4):270-273

Author:Mohammad Waseem Ansari, Shireen Nimra, Amruta S Indupalli , Shri Srinivas Reddy

Keywords:Unmet need, contraception, Family Planning, contraceptives, rural area

Type:Original Article